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Why Networks are Important to Investors

The larger the investment you have, the larger the network you should have. Talking of networks, it is not easy to get the people you need to help you get where you want. It would be wrong for one to assume that investors will take unsolicited introductions or pitches. In a case where some of your mutual friends are part of what you need to get where you want, you already steps ahead of others. Read on Cade Hildreth

It is always essential to start by finding mutual connections in your contacts to start with. You may use their contacts to know of other important networks you may need to grow in a field you are interested in. unlike in instances where you would make mistakes and learn, you would use the networks to consult and get most of the aspects right as opposed to instances where you would try everything without asking anyone.

You may also need to work closely with super connectors. In your networks, some people will help you and introduce you to the right people. You may need to reach out and ask for a meeting with people who can help you get to the next level. You may ask for a brief cup of coffee or even offer to buy lunch and catch up one evening. It is not wise to always ask for help right away, you may consider learning what the new person in your circle does and check whether you are of any help to what he or she does. In a case where you have anything you can offer, you may consider helping first before asking for help. However, even as you ask to be scratched back, you may need to make sure that you are subtle about it. Visit cadehildreth.com

It may be essential to make sure that you do not make the new network feel like he or she has been scammed into helping. You may also need to gauge the comfort levels of the new network and always make the next move when you think it is right to proceed. While the new network may not directly help you, he or she may be willing to give you a pivotal contact and also review positively making your newer networks even easier to work with. After getting the new network, you would then need to repeat the process. You may need to get higher with each contact you get. With every new network, you may need to get higher on the ladder, check whether there is better contact you can work with and achieve even more. View https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYZQyl_Ysdc

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